Math/ Round 2


           In math class this round, I’ve learned two things which geometry and ratio but one thing I like the most is the ratio. The ratio is the way to use math to compare things. I’ve learned how to compare things like for example, 5 blue pens to 10 red pens so we gonna write it like 5:10. Not just only that but we also learn how to simplify it which we called Equivalent ratio for example 5:10 = 1:2. We have done a lot of practice throughout this lesson like budgeting, recipe and the number of students and staff in liger. For geometry, we have learned so many such areas, perimeter. We also learn about different polygons such as a triangle, square, rectangle and parallelogram. Throughout the lesson, we also practice solving word problems related to ratios or geometry. I think word problems are very tricky to me but I hope I can get better at it in the next round. One more thing is that our facilitator has also introduced us to algebra on This algebra exercise is like extra practice. Overall, I think this round is very interesting. It will be more exciting in the next round which is 5B.  

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