Python Round 3

For this round, we are going a little deeper into a programming language called Python. We have learned a lot of different data type such as booleans, comparison, if statement, elif statement, else statement etc…. Python programming language also has its own grammar which means we need to write it correctly that it could understand. Indentation is one of the most common mistakes that people always make an error in python. Boolean is a data type that can have the values true or false. Comparison is a data type that use to compare the value of the number or variable. if , elif or else are a data type that use to check if the statement is true or not. We also learn about And Or and Not. It is a word to connect the statement together. And is used to check if both states are true. Or is used to check if one of the statement is true. Not is used to flip the value of the statement.


Some more important that we just learn are about for loops and while loops. For “for loop” when you want to perform some action a fix number of times. For “ while loops” is  to perform the action until the condition. Throughout using that loops we can use break statement to stop the code and we can use continue statement to skip the repetition of the code.  

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