Identity Theme

The theme for this round is “Identity”. Some guiding question to ask yourself  are, “Who are you?”, “What make who you are?”, “What are some factor that help to define you?”. I’ve wrote a description of my name. Throughout this round we did so many such as writing poem, writing about the meaning of our name. Also this past few weeks we did read a novel book. Our facilitator has four book for us to choose. They are Wonder, Looking for Alaska, Monster and Outsider. I decide to choose to read about Looking For Alaska book. This book i a little bit more mature, however we still get through it. Furthermore, we also a discussion every week with the team. In a team we have different role to share from the story which are, Summarizer, Visualizer, Inferencer, Symbolizer and Word Detectives. I think this round is great round because it had taught me a lot and I got to know more about my Identity. Furthermore, it help to me to build more of passion on reading as I was a person that doesn’t like to read.

This is “Where I am From?” Poem and The meaning of my name “Leza”

My Name

I am From

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