Carbon is one of the main topic that we focus on in STEM class for this round. Carbon is a nonmetal element. Carbon has four valence electron. So, it need four more electron in order to complete its outer energy level. In order to achieve this it need covalent bond that is form between nonmetal which they share a pair of electron. Usually, carbon form bond with hydrogen. There are three types of bond of carbon with other carbon atoms. Those bond are single, double and triple bond. Single bond is when they share a pair of electron. Double bond is when they share two pairs of bond and triple bond is when they share three pairs of bond. The types of single bond are called Alkane. The type of double bond are called Alkene and the type of triple bond are called Alkyne.

We also learned about hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbon are compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen. There are two types of hydrocarbon which are saturated hydrocarbon and unsaturated hydrocarbon. Saturated hydrocarbon contain only single bond which is alkane type. The name of alkane is always end with “ane”.The first part of the name indicates how many carbon atom each has. The smallest is called Methane which has only one carbon atom. The next are Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane, Hexane, Heptane, Octane, Nonane and Decane.

This are the list with molecular formula

Unsaturated carbon can be double or triple bond which are Alkene or Alkyne. The type of Alkene is always end with “ene”. The type of Alkyne is always end with “yne”. It’s also indicates to how many carbon atom each has.

Overall, I feel it been a great round for me. I think I has understand a lot more about STEM. Also, I feel more confidence in asking question and has increase my passion in STEM. I hope to see more challenge and fun in the next round.

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