Indigenous Community exploration is a seven weeks project to research and learn about some indigenous groups in Cambodia. For this round we only focus on two indigenous group which are Kui ( Preah Vihear) and Steing ( Kratie). There are 9 theme to focus on and learn about. They are ceremony, food, geography, norm/belief, education/ healthcare, economy/daily life, language, music/art and people/ environment. The goals of this exploration help to promote and preserve indigenous groups. Throughout this exploration we also want to improve our interview skills, writing skills, photography skills, designing skill and video skills. At the end of this exploration we publish a book of Kui community and video of Steing community.


In order to achieve this we also went on trip to those two provinces which are Preah Vihear and Kratie to interview those indigenous group to get the information to put in our book and video. After the trips, we gather all the information and put it in the book and video. Each students have their own responsibility to responsible for own research theme. After we gather the information and out in the book and check with our facilitator , we also went back to the community to verify the information with the community people.


Overall, I have learned a lot from this exploration, not just skills but also how we can work as team, problem solver and how to adapt to situation which sometime we don’t have bathroom to take shower and we have only well so we have to adapt to that kind of situation. That’s just one situation that we facing but there are more problem that need to solve. Also, I have impacted a lot to this country by help to promote indigenous group. I hope to help the country more.

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