Math/ Round 3

In math class round 3, we have continued to the new level of book which is 5B. In this round we’ve learned two chapter one is about decimal and other on is about measure and volume. For decimals we learned about the places of each decimals, converting from decimal to fraction and some word problems. We also learned about binary numbers as well because it related to decimal. For measure and volume, we had learned about some measurement and we also learn how to calculate each every solid shape to find the volume of it. We also did some word problems. Moreover, we still follow to learn to improves some more learning which we work as team, be able to ask questions confidently, respect each other in class etc…. I think for this round we work as a team a lot and I think I’ve improve on learning a lot meaning that word problem is not really struggle me like before. I hope to learn some more interesting things more in the next round.   

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