How to be happy when you feel anxious?

Happiness is a new theme that we focus on in English Literacy. Throughout this seven weeks, I’ve learn a lot about happiness and I really interesting in learning more about it. We did a lot of writings, reading articles about happiness. At the end, each of us got to write our rough draft of “ How to be happy?”. For me, I wrote about how to be happy when you feel anxious? Enjoy reading! I hope you learn something from it.


How to be happy when you feel anxious?


Have you ever feel anxious, worried, nervous? If so, you’re not alone. Many people face that problems. When you feel anxious, you might feel stuck, unsure how you feel, stress, don’t know what to do. These is a common problem that every individuals person meet at least once in their life. If you feel anxious and really need ways to calm your anxiety. Don’t worry, this article will help to guide you to how you can calm your anxiety more effectively.

Here are some way to help to calm you down.

Find the cause of the anxiety

This is very important. If you don’t know where your anxiety comes from you will never calm your anxiety. In order to seek to find the roots of your anxiety you have to calm yourself first, breathe in and out. Everything you do or feel always have cause and effect. So, you need to understand where your anxiety come from? What causes it? After you ask yourself all of these kind of question you will know more about the roots of your anxiety.

Learn about your emotion and write it out

After you figure out what causes your anxiety. Learn about how you feel about, are you really angry? Then, Release your anxiety out. If you want to cry, cry it out don’t be ashamed to cry. If you want to shout, go and shout it out. You can also write it down on your journal book. Write how you feel about this anxiety. Don’t try to keep it otherwise you will never be happy. No matter you are young or old, don’t be ashamed to release it. All the people had met this kind of problem, it’s normal that we cry.

Talk to the people you comfortable with

Do you have any close friends or people that you can talk with? If so, go and talk to them. Tell them how do you feel? Why do you feel that? Tell them everything you feel. Don’t keep all in yourself, it might stress you. Talking can also help you to release your anxious feeling. It can also help you to a good solution to solve. Sometimes, your friends might give you feedbacks or solution that could help you to solve all that anxious problem. They might have more experience than you. They might find a good way to calm you.  


Calming anxiety is not an easy task to do but if you if you committed to do, I guarantee that you will learn something from it as well as this article. I hope that some of this technique or will help you to fight with your  anxiety.


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