Outdoor Leadership

Observing nature is always one of the pleasurable things I ever had. Seeing blue birds that I never expect that they exist in Cambodia. I really like all the detail colors that one their feathers. It’s looks very colorful. When I observe nature I start to feel relax, joyul, excited.

Throughout this trip, I feel that I learn a lot about nature. One of the most interest me is I got to learn about life in the forest. I’m really grateful to learn about people’s lives in the forest, the way they cook food, the different kind of food that they eat. I got to eat Prong food which one of indigenous food. I saw that all the vegetables came from the tree in the forest. I also learn how to put meat in the bamboo to roast. I hope to experience more.

Birds are very beautiful, birds help to decorate nature. I’m very disappointed to see the deforestation. All the trees was cut down, the forest was burn and make the weather there very hot. When the weather is too hot, not a lot of birds come out and that make me sad. I hope to see more trees grow in  the future.

The most challenging things to me is hiking. I feel very exhausted and tired but because of the happiness we built together like joking, singing around, it help me to reduce the tiredness a lot. Also I drank a lot of water throughout the hike and it helped to release my tiredness. Moreover, even we was very tired but we never give on our hike and I think I’ve learn a lot from this trip and it’s one of the unforgettable memory to me.


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