As round 3 ended, we get into round 4. Things starting to get more complicated and complicated. We start to deeper and deeper and we started to have a lot more works to do. In this round, we starting to go deeper and deeper in coding. Coding is very complicated to me. I never learn to code before but after the time passed by, I’ve got to learn a lot more from coding.


In this round, I’ve learned more about function. Basically, a function is a block of code that can be used for many times and only when it is called. Functions are very important to coding because it helps to make your code to look more organized and easier to understand. Moreover, sometimes people are lazy to repeat the code again and again, so you need functions to help to repeat it by itself. For this round, we’ve learned about two functions which is “List” function and “Dictionary:” List function and dictionary function kind of opposite from each other. A list is a collection of items that are ordered and changeable. A list function needs to write with square brackets([]). Also, the list function allows us to write with duplicate items but for dictionary function, it’s a collection of items that are unordered and changeable. Dictionary function has to write with curly brackets({}). Moreover, it does not allow us to write with duplicate items.


After I’ve learned about these lessons, my facilitator also gives me some assignment to work on as well which are about creating team chooser machine, modern art, and rock, paper, scissors and we using code club websites to guide. Throughout this assignment, some challenge that I face is, sometimes I don’t really understand about what the code but I just have to follow the instruction. Also, errors are always the most common problem in coding. Sometimes I can’t find my own mistakes because it’s just a small mistake. So, it’s just always pop up an errors sign and that so stresses but I’ve got to learn and be patient with it.


Last, this is one of the works that I’ve done in this round which is about team chooser. Link


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