Solution/ STEM

For this round, we have learn many interesting topic such as solution, motion and force. One of my favorite topic is solution which I’m going to talk about.


In a simple meaning of solution is a mean of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.  In chemistry, solution means a form of one substance dissolve in another. For example rock dissolve in water form a solution. When a substance dissolve in another is called solute. The  substance that let the solute dissolve in is called solvent. For example ocean water is a solution which solute is salt that dissolve in solvent; water. In this example solid dissolve in liquid. However, matter in any state can be solute or solvent. Whenever solute dissolve in solvent it will change to the same state as the solvent. If the solute and solvent already in the same state, it will present greater quantity is considered to be solvent.


In a solution there are three rate of dissolving. First is stirring. Stirring is one of several factor that affect how fast the solute dissolve in solvent. Second is temperature, temperature is another factor. A solid solute dissolve faster in a higher temperature. For example sugar dissolve faster in hot coffee than iced coffee. The third one is  the surface area of the solute.


In this round, I feel like I’ve learn a lot from the lesson and I feel more confidence in asking question to my falcilitator. I feel like I’ve improve a lot in learning. I hope to learn more interesting topic in STEM. It’s quite challenging for me but I think I can handle it.

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