Marine Theatre

            Marine Theatre exploration is a 7 weeks projects that learning and researching about marine life in Cambodia. The goal of the exploration is to create a final plays that show about the problems that threaten to marine life and how it affects the country as well as the humans. 

          In order to create a play or a performance, we’ve learned a lot about marine life, the impact on marine life as well as learning about performance skills. We also learn about how to do snorkeling. Then we went on a trip to Koh Seh to an organization called Marine Conservation Cambodia(MCC) to snorkel around and see different creatures. We also talked to the MCC staff and ask some questions about the problem that is happening now and the goal of the MCC and the last section that we did on Koh Seh was cleaning up the beach.

         When we come back from Koh Seh we started to brainstorm the ideas to create which we have to find the main problem that the play could help to convince people to help and protect the ocean. Throughout the process of creating a play, we also divided into different roles such as director, director assistant, stage designer, costume designers, actor, tour management, script writer and media communication. As I am a director assistant, I need to be responsible in helping each roles when they needed something and I had to check in and out with the team make sure everything was okay. Also, I need to look at the actor make sure they have everything they need for the play. After the plays has created we had performed the play  for Monkey School and the Kep Garden school. 

          Last, I think this could really impacted on the country especially Cambodia. It’s really helpful to young learner to know about what’s happening in our country and how people trying to help Cambodia. Also, to learn about marine life is really important because most of the people don’t really know about marine which is something that they saw everyday. I hope to share more about marine life more to the people in Cambodia as well as other countries.

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