Photoshop Skill

           This round is very interesting to me. This round is kind of a review round and also an independent round which students can choose a small project to work on that related to the lesson that they have learned before. I chose to learn about how to create powerful texts portrait in Photoshop. This is a very new lesson to me which I never that we can create that in Photoshop before. Also, it quite interesting to make. At the same time it was very challenging to me as I watch YouTube, I need to follow the step and once I missed a step it will won’t look that good and I have to recreate it which take a very long time but I did it only twice and the second time I was very concentrated. After I did it, I was very excited to see all the powerful texts on my face of the portrait because it inspired me a lot. Throughout the project, I’ve learned to work independently and really focus on the project but also it was very hard for me to choose the project because some projects look very cool but it’s very hard to make and it takes so long to make. So I have to really balance on the time that I have. Here is the product that I’ve made.

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