The more you do it, the easier it gets

Still, math is my favorite class but it’s also the most challenging class for me. Math never sounds bored to me. It’s always an active activity for my brain. This year we mainly focus on algebra which is the lesson I love the most. Algebra is very cool and tricky at the same time. However, the more I do it, the easier it gets. I never get tired of the lesson. It always pushes me forward and thinks critically. Even though I always make silly mistakes on it, I feel like it’s really fun. I love it! For this first round of year 4, we are working really close to Khan academy which is a website where students can independently work on their own. This website is very cool, without a facilitator you can learn it on your own by either looking at the hint or watching and it’s really helpful. However, there are still some cases that require teamwork. We also did some exercises in the textbook which we really need to work as a team in order to solve those problems. I’m a person who is most likely to work independently but when it comes to the complicated problems I couldn’t do myself. I think it’s a great experience and learning which sometimes working alone makes you go faster but it also requires teamwork and complicated word problems too.

It was a great experience for me. It’s such an interesting lesson. I’m going to continue pushing forward no matter how challenging it is but I aspire to get more experiences and new lessons throughout the year!

Data analysis/ Math

For round 4, we still continue on 5B which we learn about percentages, angle, data analysis. One of my favorite lessons is data analysis. Data analysis is when we collect data and learning to analyze it. This lesson is a new lesson to me. I think it’s very connected to real life and important as well. Throughout this lesson we did a lot of exercises as a team. Here is what we did.

Math/ Round 3

In math class round 3, we have continued to the new level of book which is 5B. In this round we’ve learned two chapter one is about decimal and other on is about measure and volume. For decimals we learned about the places of each decimals, converting from decimal to fraction and some word problems. We also learned about binary numbers as well because it related to decimal. For measure and volume, we had learned about some measurement and we also learn how to calculate each every solid shape to find the volume of it. We also did some word problems. Moreover, we still follow to learn to improves some more learning which we work as team, be able to ask questions confidently, respect each other in class etc…. I think for this round we work as a team a lot and I think I’ve improve on learning a lot meaning that word problem is not really struggle me like before. I hope to learn some more interesting things more in the next round.   

Math/ Round 2


           In math class this round, I’ve learned two things which geometry and ratio but one thing I like the most is the ratio. The ratio is the way to use math to compare things. I’ve learned how to compare things like for example, 5 blue pens to 10 red pens so we gonna write it like 5:10. Not just only that but we also learn how to simplify it which we called Equivalent ratio for example 5:10 = 1:2. We have done a lot of practice throughout this lesson like budgeting, recipe and the number of students and staff in liger. For geometry, we have learned so many such areas, perimeter. We also learn about different polygons such as a triangle, square, rectangle and parallelogram. Throughout the lesson, we also practice solving word problems related to ratios or geometry. I think word problems are very tricky to me but I hope I can get better at it in the next round. One more thing is that our facilitator has also introduced us to algebra on This algebra exercise is like extra practice. Overall, I think this round is very interesting. It will be more exciting in the next round which is 5B.  


Algebra is also a part of math. It is really helpful for me to solve hard word problems. After I’ve learned about algebra I feel passionate about it. I have learned a lot about it. I usually use a website called Khan Academy. I really love to learn algebra on Khan because sometimes the teacher is not always near me so I need to learn it by myself. Khan is the best math website that I can learn individually. If I don’t understand about the exercise I can also watch a video that explains in very detail which help to understand a lot about algebra but if I still don’t understand I can ask my teacher in class time as well. Algebra is a very challenging math problem but it me to solve word problems quicker as well. I hope I understand very well about algebra in 10 more months.