Photoshop Skill

           This round is very interesting to me. This round is kind of a review round and also an independent round which students can choose a small project to work on that related to the lesson that they have learned before. I chose to learn about how to create powerful texts portrait in Photoshop. This is a very new lesson to me which I never that we can create that in Photoshop before. Also, it quite interesting to make. At the same time it was very challenging to me as I watch YouTube, I need to follow the step and once I missed a step it will won’t look that good and I have to recreate it which take a very long time but I did it only twice and the second time I was very concentrated. After I did it, I was very excited to see all the powerful texts on my face of the portrait because it inspired me a lot. Throughout the project, I’ve learned to work independently and really focus on the project but also it was very hard for me to choose the project because some projects look very cool but it’s very hard to make and it takes so long to make. So I have to really balance on the time that I have. Here is the product that I’ve made.


As round 3 ended, we get into round 4. Things starting to get more complicated and complicated. We start to deeper and deeper and we started to have a lot more works to do. In this round, we starting to go deeper and deeper in coding. Coding is very complicated to me. I never learn to code before but after the time passed by, I’ve got to learn a lot more from coding.


In this round, I’ve learned more about function. Basically, a function is a block of code that can be used for many times and only when it is called. Functions are very important to coding because it helps to make your code to look more organized and easier to understand. Moreover, sometimes people are lazy to repeat the code again and again, so you need functions to help to repeat it by itself. For this round, we’ve learned about two functions which is “List” function and “Dictionary:” List function and dictionary function kind of opposite from each other. A list is a collection of items that are ordered and changeable. A list function needs to write with square brackets([]). Also, the list function allows us to write with duplicate items but for dictionary function, it’s a collection of items that are unordered and changeable. Dictionary function has to write with curly brackets({}). Moreover, it does not allow us to write with duplicate items.


After I’ve learned about these lessons, my facilitator also gives me some assignment to work on as well which are about creating team chooser machine, modern art, and rock, paper, scissors and we using code club websites to guide. Throughout this assignment, some challenge that I face is, sometimes I don’t really understand about what the code but I just have to follow the instruction. Also, errors are always the most common problem in coding. Sometimes I can’t find my own mistakes because it’s just a small mistake. So, it’s just always pop up an errors sign and that so stresses but I’ve got to learn and be patient with it.


Last, this is one of the works that I’ve done in this round which is about team chooser. Link


Python Round 3

For this round, we are going a little deeper into a programming language called Python. We have learned a lot of different data type such as booleans, comparison, if statement, elif statement, else statement etc…. Python programming language also has its own grammar which means we need to write it correctly that it could understand. Indentation is one of the most common mistakes that people always make an error in python. Boolean is a data type that can have the values true or false. Comparison is a data type that use to compare the value of the number or variable. if , elif or else are a data type that use to check if the statement is true or not. We also learn about And Or and Not. It is a word to connect the statement together. And is used to check if both states are true. Or is used to check if one of the statement is true. Not is used to flip the value of the statement.


Some more important that we just learn are about for loops and while loops. For “for loop” when you want to perform some action a fix number of times. For “ while loops” is  to perform the action until the condition. Throughout using that loops we can use break statement to stop the code and we can use continue statement to skip the repetition of the code.  

Technology/Multimedia Round 2

In Technology and Multimedia class, I’ve learned two things that I like which are Digital Storytelling, photography.


For Digital Storytelling I’ve learned about how to use Pixar structure to write the story. There is six step to write a Pixar story. They are,

  1. Once upon a time, there was…………………………
  2. Every day………………..
  3. One day…………………
  4. Because of that……………………………
  5. Because of that……………………………
  6. Until finally………………………………..

Those steps help the story to be clear, detailed and easy for the reader to understand. I also write a story which uses the structure as well. Here is my story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Malala. Every day she loves to go to school and study different subject. One day the Taliban is coming to control in Swat. Taliban created a new rule which said that all school shouldn’t open for girls if any school break the rule they will come and destroy the school.


Because of that she still keeps going to school but secretly, sometimes she did not go to school but she let her father taught her at home. Because of that, she feels this is unfair for the other girls that don’t have the father be a teacher. Because of that, she wrote a report to BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation) about the action that happens in her hometown without using her name. Then, the Taliban know that was Malala and then she got shot by the Taliban. Because of that she never be silent she still stood up for girls education rights. She’s never afraid of the gun that shot her in ahead.


Until finally her campaign was very successful which she could share all the activities that happen in Swat which is her hometown to the world by giving a speech in a United Nation meeting and the most successful that was in 2014 she got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


As photography is my passion, I really love to learn about it. As well as during the Technology and Multimedia, we also learned about some of the basic of photography such as how the camera work, exposure, what can affect exposure, shutter speed, aperture, and iso. After I’ve learned more about photography, I start to feel more in love with the camera.


Poster Work

In Technology and Multimedia, I have learned so many things. Two weeks ago I’ve learned about how to use some of Adobe app which is photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign. The homework was to use all the Adobe app that we have learned to make a poster about a topic that you like or the topic that inspire you. I think it’s kind of difficult to me because I never learn or even touch adobe app before, so it was very challenging to me. Finally,  I have made a poster by using all those three apps. Click on that link and I hope you enjoy it. !!! This is one of the great projects that I’ve learned in Technology and Multimedia class. I like it!!