Outdoor Leadership

Observing nature is always one of the pleasurable things I ever had. Seeing blue birds that I never expect that they exist in Cambodia. I really like all the detail colors that one their feathers. It’s looks very colorful. When I observe nature I start to feel relax, joyul, excited.

Throughout this trip, I feel that I learn a lot about nature. One of the most interest me is I got to learn about life in the forest. I’m really grateful to learn about people’s lives in the forest, the way they cook food, the different kind of food that they eat. I got to eat Prong food which one of indigenous food. I saw that all the vegetables came from the tree in the forest. I also learn how to put meat in the bamboo to roast. I hope to experience more.

Birds are very beautiful, birds help to decorate nature. I’m very disappointed to see the deforestation. All the trees was cut down, the forest was burn and make the weather there very hot. When the weather is too hot, not a lot of birds come out and that make me sad. I hope to see more trees grow in  the future.

The most challenging things to me is hiking. I feel very exhausted and tired but because of the happiness we built together like joking, singing around, it help me to reduce the tiredness a lot. Also I drank a lot of water throughout the hike and it helped to release my tiredness. Moreover, even we was very tired but we never give on our hike and I think I’ve learn a lot from this trip and it’s one of the unforgettable memory to me.


Solution/ STEM

For this round, we have learn many interesting topic such as solution, motion and force. One of my favorite topic is solution which I’m going to talk about.


In a simple meaning of solution is a mean of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.  In chemistry, solution means a form of one substance dissolve in another. For example rock dissolve in water form a solution. When a substance dissolve in another is called solute. The  substance that let the solute dissolve in is called solvent. For example ocean water is a solution which solute is salt that dissolve in solvent; water. In this example solid dissolve in liquid. However, matter in any state can be solute or solvent. Whenever solute dissolve in solvent it will change to the same state as the solvent. If the solute and solvent already in the same state, it will present greater quantity is considered to be solvent.


In a solution there are three rate of dissolving. First is stirring. Stirring is one of several factor that affect how fast the solute dissolve in solvent. Second is temperature, temperature is another factor. A solid solute dissolve faster in a higher temperature. For example sugar dissolve faster in hot coffee than iced coffee. The third one is  the surface area of the solute.


In this round, I feel like I’ve learn a lot from the lesson and I feel more confidence in asking question to my falcilitator. I feel like I’ve improve a lot in learning. I hope to learn more interesting topic in STEM. It’s quite challenging for me but I think I can handle it.

How to be happy when you feel anxious?

Happiness is a new theme that we focus on in English Literacy. Throughout this seven weeks, I’ve learn a lot about happiness and I really interesting in learning more about it. We did a lot of writings, reading articles about happiness. At the end, each of us got to write our rough draft of “ How to be happy?”. For me, I wrote about how to be happy when you feel anxious? Enjoy reading! I hope you learn something from it.


How to be happy when you feel anxious?


Have you ever feel anxious, worried, nervous? If so, you’re not alone. Many people face that problems. When you feel anxious, you might feel stuck, unsure how you feel, stress, don’t know what to do. These is a common problem that every individuals person meet at least once in their life. If you feel anxious and really need ways to calm your anxiety. Don’t worry, this article will help to guide you to how you can calm your anxiety more effectively.

Here are some way to help to calm you down.

Find the cause of the anxiety

This is very important. If you don’t know where your anxiety comes from you will never calm your anxiety. In order to seek to find the roots of your anxiety you have to calm yourself first, breathe in and out. Everything you do or feel always have cause and effect. So, you need to understand where your anxiety come from? What causes it? After you ask yourself all of these kind of question you will know more about the roots of your anxiety.

Learn about your emotion and write it out

After you figure out what causes your anxiety. Learn about how you feel about, are you really angry? Then, Release your anxiety out. If you want to cry, cry it out don’t be ashamed to cry. If you want to shout, go and shout it out. You can also write it down on your journal book. Write how you feel about this anxiety. Don’t try to keep it otherwise you will never be happy. No matter you are young or old, don’t be ashamed to release it. All the people had met this kind of problem, it’s normal that we cry.

Talk to the people you comfortable with

Do you have any close friends or people that you can talk with? If so, go and talk to them. Tell them how do you feel? Why do you feel that? Tell them everything you feel. Don’t keep all in yourself, it might stress you. Talking can also help you to release your anxious feeling. It can also help you to a good solution to solve. Sometimes, your friends might give you feedbacks or solution that could help you to solve all that anxious problem. They might have more experience than you. They might find a good way to calm you.  


Calming anxiety is not an easy task to do but if you if you committed to do, I guarantee that you will learn something from it as well as this article. I hope that some of this technique or will help you to fight with your  anxiety.


Data analysis/ Math

For round 4, we still continue on 5B which we learn about percentages, angle, data analysis. One of my favorite lessons is data analysis. Data analysis is when we collect data and learning to analyze it. This lesson is a new lesson to me. I think it’s very connected to real life and important as well. Throughout this lesson we did a lot of exercises as a team. Here is what we did.


As round 3 ended, we get into round 4. Things starting to get more complicated and complicated. We start to deeper and deeper and we started to have a lot more works to do. In this round, we starting to go deeper and deeper in coding. Coding is very complicated to me. I never learn to code before but after the time passed by, I’ve got to learn a lot more from coding.


In this round, I’ve learned more about function. Basically, a function is a block of code that can be used for many times and only when it is called. Functions are very important to coding because it helps to make your code to look more organized and easier to understand. Moreover, sometimes people are lazy to repeat the code again and again, so you need functions to help to repeat it by itself. For this round, we’ve learned about two functions which is “List” function and “Dictionary:” List function and dictionary function kind of opposite from each other. A list is a collection of items that are ordered and changeable. A list function needs to write with square brackets([]). Also, the list function allows us to write with duplicate items but for dictionary function, it’s a collection of items that are unordered and changeable. Dictionary function has to write with curly brackets({}). Moreover, it does not allow us to write with duplicate items.


After I’ve learned about these lessons, my facilitator also gives me some assignment to work on as well which are about creating team chooser machine, modern art, and rock, paper, scissors and we using code club websites to guide. Throughout this assignment, some challenge that I face is, sometimes I don’t really understand about what the code but I just have to follow the instruction. Also, errors are always the most common problem in coding. Sometimes I can’t find my own mistakes because it’s just a small mistake. So, it’s just always pop up an errors sign and that so stresses but I’ve got to learn and be patient with it.


Last, this is one of the works that I’ve done in this round which is about team chooser. Link


កត្តា បាត់បង់ទឹកដី/វិធានការ ការពារទឹកដី

                                                                                       កត្តា បាត់បង់ទឹកដី

  • សង្គ្រាមស៊ីវិល
  • ការពឹងពាក់ជនបរទេស
  • ការចូលមកនៅរបស់ប្រទេសជិតខាង
  • ចាញ់ល្បិចប្រទេសជិតខាង
  • ឆ្កួតបី
  • អំណាច
  • ខ្វះធនធានមនុស្ស
  • មិត្តភាព
  • លោភលន់
  • ស្នេហា

                                                                                     វិធានការ ការពារទឹកដី


បង្កើតសិក្ខាសាលា ជារៀងរាល់ឆ្នាំ ទាក់ទងជាមួយនឹងការ យល់ដឹងអំពីប្រវត្តិសាស្រ្តខ្មែរ និងវប្បធម៌ ព្រមទាំងយល់ដឹង អំពីខេត្តខ្មែរ ដែលបានបាត់បង់ទៅប្រទេសជិតខាង ដូចជាប្រទេសថៃ ឫ ប្រទេសសៀមជាដើម ។

ចូលរួម ចែករំលែក អំពីការបាត់បង់ ក្នុងកម្មវិធីសង្គមដែលនិយាយអំពីការយល់ដឹង ឫប្រវត្តិសាស្រ្ត​​ ដូចជា Ted Talk កម្មវិធីទីវាអក្សរសិល្ប៍ខ្មែរ ។

បង្កើតគម្រោង ទាក់ទងអំពីការ បាត់បង់ទឹកដីខ្មែរ ទៅប្រទេសដទៃ ។



Math/ Round 3

In math class round 3, we have continued to the new level of book which is 5B. In this round we’ve learned two chapter one is about decimal and other on is about measure and volume. For decimals we learned about the places of each decimals, converting from decimal to fraction and some word problems. We also learned about binary numbers as well because it related to decimal. For measure and volume, we had learned about some measurement and we also learn how to calculate each every solid shape to find the volume of it. We also did some word problems. Moreover, we still follow to learn to improves some more learning which we work as team, be able to ask questions confidently, respect each other in class etc…. I think for this round we work as a team a lot and I think I’ve improve on learning a lot meaning that word problem is not really struggle me like before. I hope to learn some more interesting things more in the next round.   

Indigenous Community exploration is a seven weeks project to research and learn about some indigenous groups in Cambodia. For this round we only focus on two indigenous group which are Kui ( Preah Vihear) and Steing ( Kratie). There are 9 theme to focus on and learn about. They are ceremony, food, geography, norm/belief, education/ healthcare, economy/daily life, language, music/art and people/ environment. The goals of this exploration help to promote and preserve indigenous groups. Throughout this exploration we also want to improve our interview skills, writing skills, photography skills, designing skill and video skills. At the end of this exploration we publish a book of Kui community and video of Steing community.


In order to achieve this we also went on trip to those two provinces which are Preah Vihear and Kratie to interview those indigenous group to get the information to put in our book and video. After the trips, we gather all the information and put it in the book and video. Each students have their own responsibility to responsible for own research theme. After we gather the information and out in the book and check with our facilitator , we also went back to the community to verify the information with the community people.


Overall, I have learned a lot from this exploration, not just skills but also how we can work as team, problem solver and how to adapt to situation which sometime we don’t have bathroom to take shower and we have only well so we have to adapt to that kind of situation. That’s just one situation that we facing but there are more problem that need to solve. Also, I have impacted a lot to this country by help to promote indigenous group. I hope to help the country more.

This is the link to our blog





គុណនាមមានន័យថា ពាក្យ សំដីសម្រាប់សំដែងសភាពលក្ខណៈរបស់នាម ។


  • គុណនាមប្រក្រតី
  • គុណនាមចំនួន
  • គុណនាមកម្មសិទ្ធ
  • គុណនាមចង្អុល
  • គុណនាមសំណួរ
  • គុណនាមមិនច្បាស់
  • គុណនាមប្រក្រតី គឺសម្រាប់ប្រាប់លក្ខណៈរបស់នាម។​ 

     ឧទាហរណ៍ៈ គោខ្មៅធាត់ជាងគោស។

     គុណនាមប្រក្រតីមានៈ ល្អ កខ្វក់ ស វែង ខ្លី សម្បូរ ខ្សត់…។

  • គុណនាមចំនួនជាគុណនាមសម្រាប់រាប់។ គុណនាមចំនួនមានពីរយ៉ាង:

១. ចំនួនរាប់សម្រាប់រាប់ឲ្យដឹងចំនួន

       ឧទាហរណ៍ៈ​ ឪពុកខ្ញុំមានគោប្រាំនឹម

       ចំនួនរាប់មានៈ ពីរដំបរ ប្រាំរយ ប្រាំខាំ ប្រាំឡូ…។

២. ចំនួនរៀបសម្រាប់រាប់ឲ្យដឹង ទី ជាន់ ថ្នាក់

       ឧទាហរណ៍៖ ដាណេ រៀនថ្នាក់ទីប្រាំបី

       ចំនួនរៀបមានៈ ទីដប់ ម៉ោងប្រាំ ជាន់ទីមួយ…។

  • គុណនាមកម្មសិទ្ធសម្រាប់ប្រាប់ម្ចាស់កម្មសិទិ្ធ ។     

        ឧទាហរណ៍ ៖ រាជរដ្ឋាភិបាលជាអ្នកសាងសង់ផ្ទះពួកគាត់

        គុណនាមកម្មសិទ្ធមានៈ ខ្ញុំ ឯង វា គាត់ នាង យើង ពួកគាត់ គេទាំងអស់គ្នា…. ។

  • គុណនាមចង្អុល ប្រាប់ទីកន្លែងនិងពេលវេលាណាមួយ ។​ 

        ឧទាហរណ៍៖ សាលារៀននេះជាសាលារៀនខ្ងុំ ឯខាងនោះជាសាលាឃុំ ។

        គុណនាមចង្អុលមាន ៖ នេះ នោះ ទីនេះ ទីនោះ…. ។

  • គុណនាមសំណួរ គឺប្រើប្រាស់សម្រាប់ចោទសួរ។

        ឧទាហរណ៍ ៖ តើមិត្តទិញសៀវភៅអ្វីខ្លះ?

       គុណនាមសំណួរមាន ៖ អ្វីខ្លះ ប៉ុន្មាន អ្វី ស្អី ណាខ្លះ ណាមួយ…. ។  

  • គុណនាមមិនច្បាស់ គឺជាគុណនាមប្រាប់សេចក្ដីមិនជាក់លាក់ មិនប្រាកដ ។​​

       ឧទាហរណ៍ៈ ខ្ងុំ មិនដឹងថា គាត់ចង់បានចេកមួយណាទេ

       គុណនាមមិនច្បាស់មាន៖ អ្វី  ណា អ្វីខ្លះ មួយណា ណាខ្លះ ឯទៀត ដទៃ​ អ្វីមួយ….។  



Carbon is one of the main topic that we focus on in STEM class for this round. Carbon is a nonmetal element. Carbon has four valence electron. So, it need four more electron in order to complete its outer energy level. In order to achieve this it need covalent bond that is form between nonmetal which they share a pair of electron. Usually, carbon form bond with hydrogen. There are three types of bond of carbon with other carbon atoms. Those bond are single, double and triple bond. Single bond is when they share a pair of electron. Double bond is when they share two pairs of bond and triple bond is when they share three pairs of bond. The types of single bond are called Alkane. The type of double bond are called Alkene and the type of triple bond are called Alkyne.

We also learned about hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbon are compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen. There are two types of hydrocarbon which are saturated hydrocarbon and unsaturated hydrocarbon. Saturated hydrocarbon contain only single bond which is alkane type. The name of alkane is always end with “ane”.The first part of the name indicates how many carbon atom each has. The smallest is called Methane which has only one carbon atom. The next are Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane, Hexane, Heptane, Octane, Nonane and Decane.

This are the list with molecular formula

Unsaturated carbon can be double or triple bond which are Alkene or Alkyne. The type of Alkene is always end with “ene”. The type of Alkyne is always end with “yne”. It’s also indicates to how many carbon atom each has.

Overall, I feel it been a great round for me. I think I has understand a lot more about STEM. Also, I feel more confidence in asking question and has increase my passion in STEM. I hope to see more challenge and fun in the next round.