Identity Theme

The theme for this round is “Identity”. Some guiding question to ask yourself  are, “Who are you?”, “What make who you are?”, “What are some factor that help to define you?”. I’ve wrote a description of my name. Throughout this round we did so many such as writing poem, writing about the meaning of our name. Also this past few weeks we did read a novel book. Our facilitator has four book for us to choose. They are Wonder, Looking for Alaska, Monster and Outsider. I decide to choose to read about Looking For Alaska book. This book i a little bit more mature, however we still get through it. Furthermore, we also a discussion every week with the team. In a team we have different role to share from the story which are, Summarizer, Visualizer, Inferencer, Symbolizer and Word Detectives. I think this round is great round because it had taught me a lot and I got to know more about my Identity. Furthermore, it help to me to build more of passion on reading as I was a person that doesn’t like to read.

This is “Where I am From?” Poem and The meaning of my name “Leza”

My Name

I am From

Python Round 3

For this round, we are going a little deeper into a programming language called Python. We have learned a lot of different data type such as booleans, comparison, if statement, elif statement, else statement etc…. Python programming language also has its own grammar which means we need to write it correctly that it could understand. Indentation is one of the most common mistakes that people always make an error in python. Boolean is a data type that can have the values true or false. Comparison is a data type that use to compare the value of the number or variable. if , elif or else are a data type that use to check if the statement is true or not. We also learn about And Or and Not. It is a word to connect the statement together. And is used to check if both states are true. Or is used to check if one of the statement is true. Not is used to flip the value of the statement.


Some more important that we just learn are about for loops and while loops. For “for loop” when you want to perform some action a fix number of times. For “ while loops” is  to perform the action until the condition. Throughout using that loops we can use break statement to stop the code and we can use continue statement to skip the repetition of the code.  

Khmer/ Round 2

នៅក្នុងវគ្គសិក្សាទី ២ នេះ យេីងនៅតែបន្តការកែកំណាព្យ និងស្រាវជ្រាវពីវាដើម្បីនឹងចងក្រង ជា សៀវភៅ សម្រាប់ឆ្នាំនេះ ។ ក្រៅពីនេះយើងក៏បានសិក្សាទាក់ទង អំពីរឿងកុលាបប៉ៃលិន ដែលបាន និពន្ធដោយកវី ញ៉ុកថែម ។ រឿងនេះគឺពោពេញទៅដោយការអប់រំយ៉ាងខ្ពស់ទៅដល់អ្នកអាន ។ នៅ ពេលដែលអានរឿង នេះយើងក៏បានរៀនទាក់ទងនឹងការលើកដាក់សំលេងតាមតួអង្គនីមួយៗ ។  បន្ទាប់ពីនេះ យើងក៏បានសិក្សាស្រាវជ្រាវទាក់ទងអំពី បុណ្យកឋិន និង ពិធីបុណ្យអ៊ុំទូក អកអំបុក និង សំពះព្រះខែ ។ លោកគ្រូបាន ឱ្យយើង ស្រាវជ្រាវអំពីប្រវត្តិសាស្រ្ត និង ការប្រារព្ធពិធីដើម្បីឱ្យយើង យល់ឱ្យច្បាស់អំពីវប្បធម៌ខ្លួនឯង ។ បន្ទាប់ពីការស្រាវជ្រាវយើង ក៏បានចែករំលែកវាទៅមិត្តភក្ដិរបស់ យើងតាមរយៈការធ្វើបទបង្ហាញ ។ ខ្ងុំគិតថាក្នុងវគ្គសិក្សានេះខ្ញុំបានទទួលចំណេះដឹងយ៉ាងច្រើន ។  

STEM/ Round 2

In STEM class I’ve learned a lot, but for this round, we mainly focus on periodic table and chemical bond. We still use the same website which is CK-12.


The first person who creates a periodic table is Mendeleev. There are 118 elements in the periodic table. At that time Mendeleev has arranged the elements by its atomic mass. Atomic mass is the mass of protons and neutrons in the atom. For nowadays people use a modern periodic table which they have arranged the elements by its atomic number. Atomic number is the number of protons in an atom of an element. There also a chemical symbol to represent the element which consists of one or two letter that comes from the chemical’s name in English or other languages. For example, the symbol of lead is Pb which come from a Latin word plumbum.


They also divide the elements into three types which are metals( blue), metalloids or semimetals (orange), and nonmetals (green). The rows on the periodic table called period and the columns of the periodic table are called groups. Some period of the modern periodic table are longer than others you can see the first have only two elements and the period 6 and 7 its contrast so long that some of their elements are placed below the main part of the table. As you can see most of the element are metals. Metals are the elements that are good at conductor of electricity and a relatively high melting point. So, almost all at the room temperature. They are the largest of the classed in the modern periodic table. Most of the metal are also good conductors of heats. Nonmetal are the elements that do not conduct electricity, poor conductors of heat and it is the second largest classes of the elements. Nonmetals generally have properties that are opposite of those metals. Metalloids is the element that in between metals and nonmetals. Metalloid has some properties of metals and some properties of nonmetals. For example, many metalloids can conduct electricity but only at a certain temperature and these metalloids are called semiconductors.

There also some groups of the element which are Alkali metal, Alkaline Earth  Metal, Halogen and Noble gas. Alkali Metal has just only one valence electrons which are highly reactive. Alkali Metal is the most reactive of all the metals. Most of Alkali Metal is soft which enough to cut with knife. Alkali metal has also low density. Alkaline Earth Metal is the elements that is in group two. They have two valence electrons. They also very reactive but not like alkali metals. They are harder and denser than the alkali metal. Groups 3-12 are called Transition Metals. Transition have more valence electron and less reactive than metal and the first two groups metals. They are shiny, very hard, high melting points and boiling points. Halogens are all the elements that in the group 17. They are highly reactive nonmetal and with 7 valence electrons. Halogen group include gas, liquid and solid and they react violently with alkali metals. The last group is Noble gas. The nonmetal elements that in groups 18 are called Noble gas group. They are the least reactive group because their outer energy level is full and they are colorless odorless gases.

English Literacy/ Round 2

In literacy class, there will be a different theme for each round. For this round, the theme was about “ Social and Environmental Injustice”. Basically, the environmental injustice is related to the unfair treatment of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Throughout the lesson, we have done a lot of exercises such as complete the hyperdoc about the minority group map and philosophical chair which is when the statement was given and we need to decide on agree or disagree. Then we will start to debate on that topic respectfully. One more thing that is the bigger accomplishment is every student had written their own argumentive essay.  Throughout that writing, I also learned about how to choose a great topic, how to write a thesis statement and how to cite the evidence and source. I think it’s a great round which all the students get to practice their own writing skills.

Math/ Round 2


           In math class this round, I’ve learned two things which geometry and ratio but one thing I like the most is the ratio. The ratio is the way to use math to compare things. I’ve learned how to compare things like for example, 5 blue pens to 10 red pens so we gonna write it like 5:10. Not just only that but we also learn how to simplify it which we called Equivalent ratio for example 5:10 = 1:2. We have done a lot of practice throughout this lesson like budgeting, recipe and the number of students and staff in liger. For geometry, we have learned so many such areas, perimeter. We also learn about different polygons such as a triangle, square, rectangle and parallelogram. Throughout the lesson, we also practice solving word problems related to ratios or geometry. I think word problems are very tricky to me but I hope I can get better at it in the next round. One more thing is that our facilitator has also introduced us to algebra on This algebra exercise is like extra practice. Overall, I think this round is very interesting. It will be more exciting in the next round which is 5B.  

Traditional Food in Cambodia

Traditional food in Cambodia exploration is a seven weeks project which basically focuses on Khmer food and helps to promoted Khmer food back. In this exploration, I’ve learned a lot such as skills, to know my goals clearer, interview skills, etc….. In the first few weeks we research and find a restaurant that serves Khmer food and we try to contact them and go visit their restaurant. We’ve sent email to a lot of restaurants but there is only three restaurant that response us back which are Mahob restaurant, Cuisine Wat Domnak, and Sugar Palm. All of those restaurants are located in Siem Reap. Then, we decided to take a trip to Siem Reap for 4 days. On the first day, we stop at Skun market which is on the way to Siem Reap and stop there to interview some the seller in that market. One of my favorite seller in the market was the sticky rice with coconut milk seller which is Cambodian snack that was created the seller’s creative ideas.


On the second day, we went to two places which we went to a house that make Khmer rice noodle and we went to Mahob restaurant which is the first restaurant that we went to. I’ve learned a lot about how to make Khmer rice noodle it has a lot of step of making that Khmer rice noodle. Also, I’m happy to see people making it and conserve because it is a very traditional food in Cambodia. After I see people making it I feel that it’s very hard to make to earn money from that. After that, we went to Mahob restaurant which Mahob mean Food in English. When we went we have talked to two chef which is the chef Sothea, the owner of the restaurant and the chef Seav Inh, the sous chef. Chef Sothea had share very inspirational stories to us before eh becoming the owner of the restaurant. Chef Seav Inh has a very inspirational story as well. After I talk to them I feel that the chef is very important to the country because if the chef cooks the food without their love or like to cook the food won’t be delicious. Also if the chef cooks the vegetable that is unclean that could also make customers sick. So being a chef is hard so we shouldn’t look down at them.


On the third day, we went to Cuisine Wat Domnak which the owner of the restaurant is French. Chef Joannès Rivière is French but he decided to open the restaurant in Cambodia because he loves this country. Also even though he came from French but the taste of the food in the restaurant is all in Cambodian Flavor. When I went to his restaurant I learned that in his opinion the Cambodian food and Khmer food is different which Cambodian food means not the originally Khmer food but it comes from other countries since a long time and for Khmer food is an traditional food that found by Cambodian and all the flavor was Khmer flavor.


On the fourth day, we went to sugar palm which is the last day and the last restaurant that we went to. The owner of the restaurant was chef Kethana. In her restaurant was decorate most from palm tree such as the table, bowl, plate, door and more. In this restaurant also serve the food. The most special menu or food in her restaurant is Fish Amok. Chef  Kethana also has a very inspirational life story which is a lucky girl who escapes from the Khmer Rouge period and went to live in New Zeland. She loves being a chef so she decided to open the restaurant serve Khmer food because she wants to help to promote Cambodian culture and food.


Overall, I feel that I have learned a lot from this exploration and it teach me to feel in love with my country more and more. Especially, I have changed my mindset that being chef is easy. A chef is really important to the country and if we don’t give value to the chef the country won’t be developed because when the visitor comes to the country the first thing they look for is food. So, if the food is unclean the visitor wouldn’t want to come to visit and that makes the country has low tourist site. I encourage everyone to stop looking down the chef. We also create a website that has all of our work which of my and my team. Here is the link

Technology/Multimedia Round 2

In Technology and Multimedia class, I’ve learned two things that I like which are Digital Storytelling, photography.


For Digital Storytelling I’ve learned about how to use Pixar structure to write the story. There is six step to write a Pixar story. They are,

  1. Once upon a time, there was…………………………
  2. Every day………………..
  3. One day…………………
  4. Because of that……………………………
  5. Because of that……………………………
  6. Until finally………………………………..

Those steps help the story to be clear, detailed and easy for the reader to understand. I also write a story which uses the structure as well. Here is my story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Malala. Every day she loves to go to school and study different subject. One day the Taliban is coming to control in Swat. Taliban created a new rule which said that all school shouldn’t open for girls if any school break the rule they will come and destroy the school.


Because of that she still keeps going to school but secretly, sometimes she did not go to school but she let her father taught her at home. Because of that, she feels this is unfair for the other girls that don’t have the father be a teacher. Because of that, she wrote a report to BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation) about the action that happens in her hometown without using her name. Then, the Taliban know that was Malala and then she got shot by the Taliban. Because of that she never be silent she still stood up for girls education rights. She’s never afraid of the gun that shot her in ahead.


Until finally her campaign was very successful which she could share all the activities that happen in Swat which is her hometown to the world by giving a speech in a United Nation meeting and the most successful that was in 2014 she got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


As photography is my passion, I really love to learn about it. As well as during the Technology and Multimedia, we also learned about some of the basic of photography such as how the camera work, exposure, what can affect exposure, shutter speed, aperture, and iso. After I’ve learned more about photography, I start to feel more in love with the camera.


English Literacy

In English literacy class, we mainly focus on learning roots. We focus on only two type of root words which are Latin and Greek. Every week our facilitator will give us one of the homework packages. In that homework packages, we have ten new vocabularies and it will show its roots and where is it come from ( Latin or Greek) and what is it mean. For example, memoir, memorialize, memorable and its roots word is mem, it comes from Latin and it’s mean mindful or recalls. In that homework package there also some exercise for us to on which help to understand more about the words and help us to remember it. Every Monday we will have a little quiz about the vocabulary. I think it helps me a lot to learn new vocabulary and also help me to know where all those words came so it can help me to be a better english learner. Sometime when I see a new word I might know what it means by just look at the roots words.


Algebra is also a part of math. It is really helpful for me to solve hard word problems. After I’ve learned about algebra I feel passionate about it. I have learned a lot about it. I usually use a website called Khan Academy. I really love to learn algebra on Khan because sometimes the teacher is not always near me so I need to learn it by myself. Khan is the best math website that I can learn individually. If I don’t understand about the exercise I can also watch a video that explains in very detail which help to understand a lot about algebra but if I still don’t understand I can ask my teacher in class time as well. Algebra is a very challenging math problem but it me to solve word problems quicker as well. I hope I understand very well about algebra in 10 more months.